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January 15, 2011
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Sherlock: I can be very nice by dauntingfire Sherlock: I can be very nice by dauntingfire
I drew this randomly, wanting to try to to do a different sort of perspective thing. The lines are not very clean and I feel like I could have polished it to be a better more complete piece....BUT I have been struggling with it for a while. I think it's time to just let it go, lol.

Anyways I want dialogue for this! My tumblr followers suggested a lot of great stuff:

(see here! [link] )

One lovely tumblr follower suggested an AWESOME dialogue snippet of John saying Sherlock wasn't a very nice man and Sherlock responding that he can be a very very nice man....argh, I wish I had the original suggestion!

Anyways, feel free to suggest more dialogue! Someday I may drop in text bubbles. :)

Thanks, AS ALWAYS, for the lovely comments. I love you guys!

EDIT: The commenter with the lovely dialogue got back to me. Here it is!

J: "You're not a nice man."
S: "I think you'll find I can be very nice indeed."

NNNGGHH yes. I love this. Thank you neierathima from tumblr!

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nightfury150 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
Sorry, but I couldn't resist writing something for this... here you go :)


John stormed up the stairs to 221B ahead of Sherlock for once, although he took no time to revel in that fact. He burst through the door to their flat, striding across the living room and dumping his coat haphazardly on the floor - a telltale sign of John's anger.

Not that telltale signs were necessary right now, Sherlock mused. Especially not after John had explained in great detail (and volume) who he was angry at and why on the street below.

Sherlock, who was just entering the flat, stepped over John's coat carelessly, too lost in thought to think about picking it up. He flopped onto the sofa - his sofa with a practiced ease, raising his hands subconsciously and entering what Lestrade, for some reason, called his "Zen Mode".

He wasn't too deeply in his Mind Palace to notice John thundering back down the stairs - where he'd been sulking, no doubt - and pausing at the bottom of them with his mouth open as if he wanted to say something, maybe something about an apology for all the names he'd called Sherlock outside the café next to the door of 221 Baker Street.

Not that Sherlock needed a sorry. He'd had far more than his fair share of bullying for having a weird face and being the teacher's pet and being slightly more… obvious in a crowd. Honestly, what was the point of the saying teacher's pet anyway? Sherlock Holmes was most definitely not a classroom hamster.

But it could've been nice to hear a Sorry, I didn't mean it at least, just to say that John didn't really believe that Sherlock was a freak and an arse and ungrateful and selfish and rude.

Stop it, Holmes! He berated himself sternly. Caring is not an advantage. God knows that Mycroft's drilled that into you by now. Anyway, half of what he said down there was true. You are a freak. You are an arse, and you are selfish and you most definitely are rude.

But you'll be damned if you don't admit you're grateful.

Sherlock was yanked out of his thoughts by a hard poke on his cheek. His eyes blinked him back into reality, focusing on John's silhouette caused by his completely blocking out any light offered from the single lamp he must've clicked on at some point. He frowned mildly up at John, showing fake annoyance at the disruption of his thoughts, when in actuality he didn't mind in the slightest.

His gaze was met with only a smile. Sherlock loved - no. No no no no no no no no. Liked. Sherlock liked John's smile - it was nice. It felt homey and happy, something Sherlock wasn't all that used to feeling, both together, at once. It made Sherlock feel fuzzy inside - like alcohol or drugs, but better.

He felt his own lips lift in a small, tired smile back. He quickly changed it into a smug smirk of triumph, jumping up and donning his coat fluidly.

"Sherlock-" John began, exasperation in his voice.

"Come along John, I need to see Lestrade! Quickly!"

"Why?" The doctor asked childishly, crossing his arms stubbornly.

"He might have a case for us, obviously, now come on!"


"Why do you need to know why? What are you even saying why for?"

"Why do you insist upon being so… cold and calculating all the time?"


"Don't say “That's who I am, John.”, because I'm not stupid, especially now. You care. Underneath all that…" John trailed off, pausing in putting on his coat to gesture vaguely at Sherlock's figure - long coat, boots, scarf, leather gloves, shirt, jacket, etc - before continuing. “You do care. I see you flinch every time Anderson or Donovan or anyone else really calls you a freak or a psychopath or whatever. You hide it, but I still see it. I see you genuinely smile at random things or even just your thoughts for a microsecond before you cover it up with a smirk or a deduction. You're hiding yourself, Sherlock, hiding your true persona behind the label of ‘Sociopath’ when really all you want is a friend.”


"There. The way you said my name. Like it was a precious coin, or metal, jewel, etcetera. Like you treasured me or valued our friendship. More then you let on. In Dartmoor, when you thought you had lost your only friend because of your pride or mistakes, you told me the truth for a minute, and nothing but. It wasn't some ploy to keep me on your side - you actually wanted me there. With you."

Sherlock sat down with a huff, sighing exasperatedly. For so many years he'd hidden those secrets, and John had managed to unearth them by his mere presence. He remembered his own words to the man in a fit of frustration at everyone's vacantness.

Yes, you see, but you don't observe, John!

He chuckled dryly. Well, John was definitely observing now.

"You're doing well with deducting tonight, Doctor Watson. Any reason why?"

"I'm trying to find out more about my flatmate and how deep those feelings go. I may well be only a doctor -"

Sherlock opened his mouth to protest but thought better of it.

"- but even I know that you shouldn't bottle things up. Also, I'm trying to work out how you can care so much and love so hard and yet still be, half the time, not a very nice person, especially to live with."

The younger Holmes gaped at the Ex-Army Medic standing next to his sofa. "I'm not a nice person?"

"Well, you are, but Sherlock, surely the livers and brains and severed heads could be avoided..."

“No.” Sherlock clambered to his feet, leaning towards John and watching his pupils dilate. He'd noticed a while back that John loved him, or at least liked him in that way. John backed against the wall beneath the smiley face, his eyes carefully watching Sherlock's reaction as he peeled off his coat. The long garment all to the floor in a neglected manner, but both Sherlock and John ignored it.

Blue eyes met silver-blue-green.

The catlike eyes of the world's only consulting detective slid shut as John wriggled out of his outdoor jacket, revealing the stripy jumper beneath again.

He shut his eyes, shuddering slightly at the feel of Sherlock's lips almost on his.



Sherlock's lips grazed his cheek as he tuned his head at the last moment, inching their way to John's ear.

"I think you'll find that I can be…" Sherlock began seductively, wrapping his arm around John's waist just in time for his knees to give way. He pushed the doctor into the wall to give the other man more support.

"…very… nice…" He finished with a purr in his voice.
ladyblackbird13 Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  New member
This is awesome!
nightfury150 Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
*bows* thank you very much! You're most kind :D
SimonTam93 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  New member
This gave me goosebumps, and goes so well with the pic. Well done!
nightfury150 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014
Oh gods I forgot I wrote this XD

Thank you!
SimonTam93 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  New member
Haha you're welcome! XD 
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This is super hot!!
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Very nice, indeed.
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Beautiful! Keep up the great work!
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